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  • Clear a Path For Creativity

    Creativity can give a business a competitive edge because it involves individuals having the ability to visualize things in totally different or better ways. A company’s future and profitability rely on its ability to innovate and innovation depends on creativity. With this in mind, this Executive Edge looks at ways to nurture creativity within your […]

  • Discover Your Next Great Product

    Today’s companies are part of a faced-paced competitive environment, which means looking for the next great product or service must always be on the agenda. A great product idea begins as a flash of inspiration. This issue of Executive Edge looks at generating an idea, designing it within a carefully tended culture of innovation, unleashing […]

  • Challenge the Status Quo With New Ideas

    Challenging the status quo is in effect challenging what you already know and do – it’s challenging business as usual. This Executive Edge considers shaking up the status quo by letting go of certain things, embracing change, sparking creativity, encouraging idea-sharing and cultivating new ideas. To avoid having your business become obsolete and side-stepped by […]

  • Craft Ideas That Earn Buy-In

    It’s not enough to come up with a great idea, you have to know how to convince others to understand, commit and act on your idea. In this issue of Executive Edge, there is advice on how to build a framework for buy-in, set up your idea-selling strategy, get people’s attention and how to connect […]

  • Promote Innovation in the Workplace

    A critical leadership role in sustaining and growing a business is the ability to promote a culture of innovation within the workplace. In this issue of Executive Edge, we look at how to inspire innovative thinking within your organization in order to develop your business. Topics include how to think differently, focus on what’s important, design […]

  • Incorporate Design with Strategy

    Companies that are increasing the role of design in their strategies are realizing the benefits that design can provide throughout the organization. This Executive Edge examines how design is working and looks at how to align design with your growth strategy, develop design thinking, use design for problem-solving and design for your team’s best results. […]

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