Get a Grip on Your Business
By Gino Wickman
# 8min reading time / 13min listening time
About the Summary

Every leader and every business will face challenges. That is part of the experience and fully to be expected. However, it is possible to ease the burden of typical roadblocks and elevate your leadership abilities and your business results by identifying and applying a set of core principles. In Traction, author Gino Wickman shares his highly effective Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). The book does not offer a quick fix or a secret sauce. Instead, it provides entrepreneurs and leaders with a “practical but thorough method to help strengthen and re-energize your business.”

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to strengthen the six key components of your business.
  • The main tenets of the author’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).
  • How to grow your company’s revenue and overall profitability.
  • How to determine if you’ve chosen the right people for your team.
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