6 Daily Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

July 12, 2023

by Matt Mayberry

Do you want to grow as a leader and make a bigger impact? In this article, we will look at six daily habits that successful leaders utilize to stay focused and inspired and increase their impact level. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can expand your influence and ability to make a difference. If you want to join the ranks of highly successful leaders, keep reading to learn about the daily habits that will transform your life.

The Importance of Daily Habits

Our daily habits play a critical role in shaping our lives. They are the foundation of success, assisting us in developing discipline and consistency. Successful leaders recognize the value of routine and use it to their advantage. They lay a strong foundation for achieving their goals by developing positive habits. The true power of habits is in their ability to provide structure and a path to success. They enable effective leaders to remain focused, inspired, and influential in the face of adversity. So, let’s get started with the six daily habits that can transform your impact as a leader.

Habit 1: Setting an Intention for the Day

Highly successful leaders know the importance of setting an intention for the day. They understand that intentionality gives them direction and purpose. By setting clear and specific intentions for the day, they create a clear path for maximum impact. Successful leaders recognize that they have a lot on their plates, but a daily intention clarifies their focus on the areas where they can make the greatest impact. In addition, they keep this intention front and center as a constant reminder of where they should focus their time and energy. A million things are competing for your attention as a leader. Setting a daily intention facilitates prioritization and simplifies the process of maximizing impact.

Habit 2: Planning Each Day the Night Before

Every successful leader knows how important it is to lay out their day the night before so that they can wake up refreshed and ready to go. Leaders with an established schedule for the day streamline focus and efficiency. They have a head start on the rest of the world by the time they begin their day. This essential daily practice enables them to prioritize their most important tasks, gain momentum, and take control of their day rather than having their day control them. Whether it’s time blocking their calendar or simply writing out a daily to-do list, they meticulously plan each day, and it has become an indispensable daily habit.

Habit 3: Prioritizing Health and Fitness

Successful leaders make physical fitness and health a top priority. They recognize that prioritizing their health positively affects their body, leading to a healthy mind. Not only does prioritizing regular exercise keep them physically fit, but it also improves their mental clarity and productivity. Exercise is advantageous because it releases endorphins, which improve mood and reduce stress. Successful leaders incorporate health and fitness into their daily routines, whether by making time for the gym, practicing mindfulness, or taking periodic breaks. They make it a point to prioritize their physical health, knowing that it directly affects their ability to lead and have the greatest impact possible. No matter how bold and audacious our goals are, they are meaningless without our health. Without it, we have nothing.

Habit 4: Mindfulness or Meditation

Successful leaders in today’s fast-paced world recognize the significance of owning their mindset. According to the Mayo Clinic, taking time to still the mind and be in the present moment is essential for mental clarity and concentration. Mindfulness or meditation practices reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and enhance decision-making abilities, which are crucial for leaders. Influential leaders incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, whether it is a few minutes of deep breathing or a guided meditation session. This habit enables them to remain centered, composed, and in charge even in high-pressure situations.

Habit 5: Continuous Growth

Successful leaders are perpetual students and learners. They have an insatiable desire for knowledge and continually seek ways to improve themselves. They engage in self-education by reading books, listening to podcasts, attending seminars, and engaging in other skill-enhancing activities. They also recognize the importance of surrounding themselves with people who inspire and push them to reach greater heights. They understand that there is no such thing as being good enough, so they focus on ways to improve every day. Their effectiveness grows as they stay current on industry trends and learn new skills related to their ability to improve as leaders.

Habit 6: Leading the Way Forward

Leading the way forward is an essential characteristic of highly effective leaders. They understand the significance of their behavior, communication, and interactions with others. Successful leaders actively seek opportunities to exemplify the organization’s values, culture, and other key initiatives, which are essential for the organization’s advancement. They invest time and effort to ensure they serve as a model for the way forward. Most leaders declare mandates and methods of operation for others to adopt but then do the exact opposite. This is precisely the opposite of what transformational and highly effective leaders do. They make going first and taking the initiative an everyday habit.


Incorporating these six daily habits will transform your leadership performance and impact. By adopting these habits, you can increase your influence, accomplish your primary objectives, and join the ranks of highly effective leaders. So, incorporate these habits into your daily routine and watch your success soar to new heights.

Matt Mayberry is a bestselling author, acclaimed keynote speaker, and renowned thought leader who helps organizations foster winning cultures, improve leadership performance, and build teams that drive superior performance. His recent book, Culture Is the Way: How Leaders at Every Level Build an Organization For Speed, Impact, and Excellence, debuted as a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Matt was also recognized by Global Gurus as one of the World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals in 2023.