The Promises of Giants

How YOU Can Fill the Leadership Void
# 15min reading / 29min listening time
About the summary

The Promises of Giants: How YOU can fill the leadership void requires you to recognize that you, too, are a giant. And forgetting you’re a giant–even for a moment–can have dire consequences. Giants can’t do anything in the same way as everyone else. And when it comes to your interactions with others; neither can you. The promises of giants guarantee a certain type of lived experience under the umbrella of that leader. It is a collection of promises made to the people you work with most intimately, to your workplace as a whole, and to yourself alone.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How and why you are giant, regardless of your size.
  • Promises leaders should make to themselves.
  • Promises leaders should make to those they interact and work with directly.
  • Promises leaders should make to their organizations on a whole.
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