Not Doing

The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease
By Steven D’Souza, Diana Renner
About the Summary

Not Doing: The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease describes and gives many examples of the philosophy of Not Doing. It suggests that we go with, rather than against, the flow, working in harmony with the natural energy around us. By effortlessly adapting to the environment, like the river that wends its way from spring to ocean, we can discover a new way of living, working, and succeeding, so that our action can sustain us, our organizations, and our environment for generations to come.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • The symptoms of a kind of doing that lead to exhaustion and burnout  
  • How our ways of doing are often dysfunctional and counterproductive
  • The negative capabilities that are important to develop
  • How to improve your life with Not Doing – going with rather than against
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