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Written in the style of a novel, the book Fixing Work: A Tale About Designing Jobs Employees Love reveals the secrets of designing work in a more meaningful, productive, and fulfilling way. The pages within tell us how to craft better jobs, empower your team to bring their best, and ultimately strengthen the organization as a whole. Authors David G. Henkin and Thomas Bertels want readers to understand why treating employees like machines kills engagement, creativity, and accountability. By inserting meaningful strategies throughout the tale of our protagonist Jerry’s success, Henkin and Bertels show us exactly how to create an employee and customer experience that consistently takes your business to new heights.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • Why work today is broken and must be fixed.
  • The strategies to hire top-notch talent.
  • How to make work productive, fulfilling, and meaningful.
  • How to create the best customer experiences.
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