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    The Ultimate Business How-to Book

    by Jack Welch

    Winning goes beyond Welch’s memoir Jack, Straight From the Gut. In his latest book, Welch addresses his own management techniques honed during his tenure as CEO of General Electric. He includes an overview of cultural values, delves into hiring to explore what winners are made of, shares advice on crisis management, and looks at the external factors that can influence a company's success. Welch also takes a more personal turn, with an eye to individual career issues.

    What You'll Learn

    • The importance of a mission statement and values for a company.
    • How a lack of candor is bad for business.
    • Differentiation isn’t cruel and Darwinian, but fair and effective.
    • How to manage crises under the guidance of a plan of action.
    • The art of hiring winners, managing people and parting ways when the time comes.
    • How to find a job that you will love, get a promotion and manage a work-life balance.
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