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    The Real Warren Buffett

    The Real Warren Buffett

    The Real Warren Buffett

    Managing Capital, Leading People

    by James O'Loughlin

    Past books on the legendary head of Berkshire Hathaway have focused on his investment skills. O’Loughlin shows why Buffett is not only a visionary investor, but also a visionary manager of people and a superb company leader. His management credo — and his directive to employees throughout Berkshire Hathaway — is to “act like an owner.”

    What You'll Learn

    • How to define and avoid the "Institutional Imperative." It is important to keep a proper alignment between corporate goals and customer goals; the more typical misalignment of the two forms an "institutional imperative" that leaders must avoid at all cost.
    • How to forge a path to better customer relationships. Through the Berkshire Owner's Manual, Buffett communicates his expectations for the managers and employees who work for him - to act like an owner.
    • The Buffett Model of Leadership. Only by taking a pragmatic leadership approach can executives think like owners and react to various problems and circumstances in kind.
    • How to determine and act within your Circle of Competence. Warren Buffett recognizes the limits to his knowledge and capabilities, and he declines to stray past those limits. He recognizes that some things are unknowable or unimportant, and that others are important but unknowable. Buffett makes his capital allocation decisions within the realm of the important and knowable - his circle of competence.
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