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    The Business of We

    The Business of We

    The Business of We

    The Proven Three-Step Process for Closing the Gap Between Us and Them in Your Workplace

    by Laura Kriska

    30-Best Selection Our editors have chosen this book as one of the 30 best business books of the year.

    A leader-focused new approach to understanding, managing, and maximizing organizational diversity, cultural difference, and inclusion, The Business of We provides a practical roadmap for creating trust with others who are different from ourselves—those who speak another first language, worship in another faith, or see a different reflection when they look in the mirror.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • Why many diversity and inclusion initiatives do not work.
    • A proven three-step process for closing Us versus Them gaps in your workplace.
    • To create a WE mindset throughout your organization.
    • To foster a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of all employees.
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