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    Scoring Points

    Scoring Points

    How Tesco Continues to Win Customer Loyalty

    by Terry Hunt & Clive Humby

    In Scoring Points, marketing experts Clive Humby and Terry Hunt and journalist Tim Phillips explain how Tesco went from being just one of three grocery chains in Great Britain to the undisputed leader. By creating the world’s leading customer relationship management program, Tesco has learned a lot about what it takes to retain those customers and induce them to spend more. What Tesco has learned from its program can serve as inspiration for others just now launching loyalty programs or trying to leverage the information theirs provides into sales.

    What You'll Learn

    • How a loyalty program can lead to $200 million in incremental sales every year.
    • How a loyalty program can help you identify and relate to the needs of millions of customers.
    • How to design a loyalty program that customers want to join and use.
    • How to turn what you learn from customers into useful information rather then information overload.
    • Why getting to know your customers can lead to greater sales and more profit.
    • Why paying attention to segmentation makes good business sense.
    • Why you need a loyalty program to compete today.
    • When it makes sense to expand into related enterprises and how to decide which path is right for your customers.
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