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    Revolutionizing IT

    Revolutionizing IT

    Revolutionizing IT

    The Art of Using Information Technology Effectively

    by David Andrews & Kenneth Johnson

    In jargon-free language, Andrews and Johnson explain how managers can get the most out of their IT investment. The authors focus on successfully managing IT projects, including controlling project scope.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to let time determine the scope of your project. You will see why setting a time limit early will save the project from becoming bloated and irrelevant.
    • How to succeed through continual incremental improvements by letting projects mimic evolution. Change is evolutionary, and trying to make too large a leap into the future at once is doomed to failure. Improving parts of the system quickly is often better than overhauling the entire system at once.
    • How to recycle proven concepts instead of reinventing them. You will see why borrowing from others who have successfully solved a problem is often better than developing the same or another solution yourself.
    • How to demand progress, not perfection. You will learn why it's best to expect progress but not perfection. There are no perfect solutions but all good solutions bring progress.
    • Why to make end users fully accountable. It does no good to make consultants or the IT staff accountable for the success of a project. It is the end users who should be responsible since it is their problem that is presumably being solved by the project.
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