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    Mastering the Hire

    Mastering the Hire

    Mastering the Hire

    12 Strategies to Improve Your Odds of Finding the Best Hire

    by Chaka Booker

    30-Best Selection Our editors have chosen this book as one of the 30 best business books of the year.

    The interview is the cornerstone of the hiring process, yet science has shown the odds aren’t in your favor. Mastering the Hire will dramatically improve the one decision that determines everything you can accomplish–who you hire. After years of scientific research and first-hand interview experience with thousands of candidates, Chaka Booker has created a system that helps employers consistently make great hires. In Mastering the Hire, he provides 12 proven strategies that have been used to accurately identify the right talent 90% of the time. Booker’s method is for anyone who wants to beat the hiring odds.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • To manage intuition: when to trust it and when to put it aside.
    • To structure interview questions to help candidates tell the truth.
    • To know when to apply or release pressure during interviews.
    • Tools for removing bias to give you a competitive advantage.
    • To reimagine the hiring process.
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