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    Lateral Marketing

    Lateral Marketing

    Lateral Marketing

    New Techniques for Finding Breakthrough Ideas

    by Fernando deBes & Philip Kotler

    In a consumer economy saturated with homogenous products and customers who are more and more immune to advertising messages, traditional vertical marketing — with its emphasis on market segmentation and brand proliferation — is failing us. There is a better way to reach consumers, to create innovative products and markets that don’t yet exist, and to gain a real competitive advantage: lateral marketing. In Lateral Marketing, marketing experts Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias de Bes show companies how lateral marketing complements traditional marketing by providing an alternative route to generating fresh new ideas.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why so many new products fail to gain significant market share in a fragmented and over-saturated marketplace and why vertical marketing with its emphasis on further segmentation and fracturing isn't the answer.
    • How you can apply a new form of marketing, lateral marketing, to conceive entirely new products and markets and gain the competitive advantage you need in the 21st century.
    • How you go about the lateral marketing process, from selecting a product or service you want to innovate to getting the innovation on the market.
    • How to radically change the way you look at a product or service to open up the possibility that it can become a different product or be sold in a different market entirely.
    • How to create the atmosphere most conducive to innovation, from encouraging individual and team lateral thinking to budgeting for new product and service development to launching new products into new markets.
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