Marketing 5.0

Technology for Humanity
By Philip Kotler
# 15min reading time / 23min listening time
About the Summary

Marketing 5.0 provides marketers with a way to integrate technological and business model evolution with the dramatic shifts in consumer behavior that have happened in the last decade. Following the pattern presented in the best-selling Marketing X.0 series, the authors cover crucial topics necessary to understand modern marketing, including agile marketing, artificial intelligence for marketing automation, segments-of-one marketing, contextual technology, and more.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • The three major challenges in the backdrop of Marketing 5.0.
  • Why humanity remains the central focus of Marketing 5.0.
  • To leverage customer experience as the key to winning highly contested markets.
  • The five components of Marketing 5.0 and how to use them in your organization.
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