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    Hacking Leadership

    Hacking Leadership

    Hacking Leadership

    The 11 Gaps Every Business Needs to Close and the Secrets to Closing Them Quickly

    by Mike Myatt

    In Hacking Leadership, Mike Myatt identifies 11 leadership gaps that can be holding leaders back and affecting their performance. The gaps are found in areas of leadership, purpose, future, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation, complexity and failure. Myatt provides actionable leadership and management “hacks” to bridge the gaps in order to create a culture of leadership within organizations and help leaders drive exceptional results.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Hacking Leadership, you will learn:

    • To challenge your presuppositions and reframe your thinking about leadership.
    • To gain a sharper perspective on your performance as a leader.
    • To gain deep insights into your perceptual biases and self-imposed limitations.
    • To understand and address the 11 leadership gaps most relevant today.
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