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    Exceptional Selling

    Exceptional Selling

    Exceptional Selling

    How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales

    by Jeff Thull

    You may have the world’s greatest solution, but if you can’t communicate with relevancy, develop credibility and respect, and build clarity for your customers, your potential will be severely constrained. Leading-edge strategist Jeff Thull shows readers how to create a different kind of relationship with the customer and use powerful diagnostic principles to reframe the typical sales conversation.

    What You'll Learn

    • Three root causes of failure that can prevent you from succeeding.
    • How ingrained reactions and traditional selling strategies and techniques combine to create an atmosphere of confrontation between salespeople and their customers.
    • How preprogrammed behaviors and reactions get both salespeople and their customers into trouble.
    • How salespeople consistently overestimate the customer's comprehension of the problem to be solved, the solutions proposed and the customer's readiness to make decisions.
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