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    Beyond the Core

    Beyond the Core

    Beyond the Core

    Expand Your Market without Abandoning Your Roots

    by Chris Zook

    In his previous book, Profit from the Core, strategy expert Chris Zook revealed how the most enduring growth performers succeeded by focusing and building around one or two well-defined, dominant cores — and how otherwise well-positioned firms sabotaged their growth by prematurely abandoning their core in pursuit of the next “hot” topic. Now, based on extensive research on the growth patterns of thousands of companies worldwide — including CEO interviews with the top 25 growth performers — Zook argues that in order to continue to grow, companies must eventually expand beyond the core.

    What You'll Learn

    • Determine when and whether adjacencies make sense, depending on their company's competitive situation.
    • Evaluate which growth initiatives to pursue, which to avoid, and which to abandon.
    • Discover their firm's ideal adjacency pattern: a repeatable formula that will enable quick execution of a series of successful growth moves.
    • Decide what types of organizational structure, reporting relationships, and decision processes will support adjacency growth.
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