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    A Team of Leaders

    A Team of Leaders

    A Team of Leaders

    Empowering Every Member to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative and Deliver Results

    by Paul Gustavson & Stewart Liff

    With emphasis on the design of a team, A Team of Leaders offers a new way to energize groups of employees and improve performance. Authors Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff present the Five-Stage Team Development Model, which outlines a set of characteristics of traditional teams and the progression to creating teams of people who think and act like leaders. By improving the core design components - the systems, processes, knowledge, management and visual management - teams will take responsibility for delivering better results.  

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of A Team of Leaders, you will learn:

    • To recognize the importance of choosing the right team structure, information systems and people systems.
    • How to design integrated processes that support leadership growth.
    • To adapt a value creation tool that pinpoints the contribution each team member makes and highlights the urgency of everyone pulling together.
    • How to capture and quickly disseminate the key knowledge that teams need to become effective, self-managing units.
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