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  • Defeating the Competition, Bad Habits, and Self-Doubt

    As we approach the halfway point of 2021, some of us may find that we’re settling back into some bad habits that defined our lives before the shake-up of the last 18 months. So, how do we confront challenges, stagnant habits, and a lack of inspiration or motivation to excel in our professional goals? In […]

  • Burnout is Real. Are There Real Methods Out There for Solving It?

    Working professionals have never been challenged harder to maintain mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Work-related stress has reached unprecedented levels, with nearly 70% of people experiencing emotional and physical fatigue related to internal and external stressors. And that’s before the pandemic showed up on the scene. Declining job performance, dissatisfaction, burnout, and harmful levels of […]

  • Boost Your Confidence for Success

    Confidence is something that no executive should be without; however, it can be easily undermined and is not always easy to grow. In this issue of Executive Edge, we look at the ticklish issue of confidence and sort out ways to build it. Topics include how to develop your anthem, solidify your self-confidence, create a […]

  • Motivate Your Employees

    Workforce motivation calls for companies and their leaders to structure work in ways in which employees feel challenged, trusted, valued, and able to learn and grow. This Executive Edge explores the importance of meeting employees’ psychological needs, giving their work meaning, making it fulfilling, and creating a work environment that fosters sustainable motivation. Learn what […]

  • How to Stay Motivated

    Motivation is the driving force to learn new skills or obtain our personal goals. In this issue of Executive Edge, we look at how to stay motivated, whether you are looking to grow in your current career, or start a whole new chapter. Topics include staying energized, finding the perfect balance to stay focused, becoming […]

  • Cultivate Autonomy Within Your Workforce

    Letting people use their knowledge, experience and motivation empowers them to take on more responsibility as they grow and develop. This Executive Edge delves into how to empower your people, the psychological needs for autonomy, making choice an option and understanding that managers have a dual role. It all adds up to proof that when […]

  • What It Takes to Be a Generous Leader

    Leaders gain stature by exhibiting the qualities that followers can admire and choose to emulate. Leaders who focus on sharing their time, knowledge, skills, ideas and connections with others are likely to earn the allegiance of those who work with them. Businesses benefit, too, especially from the alignment of shared values and a common purpose. […]

  • Unleash the Power of the Front Line

    It makes sense to empower the employees on the front line and encourage them to use their judgment in handling any problems that they encounter. As we learn in this issue of Executive Edge, this delegation of power frees managers to pursue the growth of the company, gives the frontline employees a sense of ownership, […]

  • Build a Workforce That Aligns Differences

    To meet the needs of your company, it is valuable to have cooperative strategies in which people leverage each other’s strengths and are bonded together by a sense of belonging. When people are encouraged and supported to do their best work individually and collectively, your company wins. In this Executive Edge, you’ll learn how beneficial […]

  • Create a Connected Organization

    When people from all levels of an organization connect with others, personally and professionally, breakthrough results are possible. This Executive Edge examines the value of connectivity and shares advice on how to build it. Topics include encouraging a network of conversations, truly connecting with others, assessing whether you are connecting, and believing in what others […]

  • Smart Leaders Amplify the Smarts of Others

    Leaders who empower others by guiding them to recognize the higher performance levels that are within their abilities are leaders who will inevitably raise the performance of their companies. In this Executive Edge the focus is on such leaders –– the multiplier leaders who grow their people through challenge, the leaders who listen for a […]

  • Nurture Your Inner Drive to Succeed

    Successful leadership begins with self-leadership and that means a commitment to excellence and continual improvement. In this Edge, we learn that we are defined by the choices we make in critical times, that we always need to be learning, and basically if you want success, go for it – if you’re willing to do the […]

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