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  • Conversation: The Human Connection

    We are human beings, and the one thing that’s absolutely necessary for us to thrive is the connection with others. In this month’s Edge, we dive into three titles all written by Patrick King. The first is Improve Your People Skills, where King encourages his readers to foster connections with people. The second being Better […]

  • What If Leadership Isn’t What We Think?

    Is there any more charged word in business than ‘leadership’? Just the mention of it probably elicited some sort of emotional response in you as a reader. We’ve all read the guides to leadership that tell us to act a certain way around others, follow certain steps, and create environments that lead to results. But, […]

  • How We Think is How We Work, Love & Live. Is It Time to Rethink Our Thinking?

    Every day, our lives are filled with conversations: interactions we have with strangers, connections we share with our closest friends, loved ones, and family members. But the person we actually talk to the most is ourselves. While we may not speak out loud (at least, not all the time), we’re constantly interacting with the internal […]

  • Strengthen Your Personal Communication Skills

    It’s not always what you say, but how you say it that can determine effective communication. To communicate your message well, face-to-face, it is important to pay attention to your word choice, voice levels and cadence, as well as body language. How should you communicate without bias? How much should you say in a meeting? […]

  • Communicate With Brevity

    Lean communication is the new advantage. If you can boil down your idea or your message in a way that makes it easier to consume and digest, you’ll be a more successful communicator. This Executive Edge’s topics include making stronger points with fewer words, communicating quickly in a crisis, speaking clearly without fillers, and being […]

  • Communicate with Clarity

    Sometimes messages, advice or instruction gets lost or bogged down in details that do not inspire the action that is needed. People may simply not understand what you are trying to say. In this issue of Executive Edge, we look at how to communicate more clearly so what you say is exactly what is heard. […]

  • Talk in Ways That Will Be Heard

    Each time we speak, we strive to inform, influence or inspire others. To be able to say anything to anyone at any time, this Executive Edge suggests how to say the right thing at the right time, say what you mean, get people beyond resistance, and engage in high-stakes exchanges. To gain confidence and respect […]

  • How To Be An Engaging Speaker

    Great speakers keep people’s attention by delivering expertly planned presentations. Without capturing the interest of your audience right from the start and knowing how to sustain that interest, your opportunity to influence your audience will be lost. In this Executive Edge, you will learn how to engage people in your presentations and conversations and become […]

  • Ask the Questions that Inspire Action

    There are questions that immediately make people react defensively and others that lead to mutual understanding. In this Edge, we look at the power of framing questions, bridging questions, questions that are good for change leaders, and questions that move a deal from “no” to “yes.” Questions open doors to understanding someone or a situation […]

  • How to Give Power to Conversations

    Influential people conduct critical conversations, which get people to pay attention and motivates them to take action. This Executive Edge looks into developing the valuable skills of conversation including speaking authentically, crafting the conversations you need to achieve results, choosing the right words to lead and inspire, and realizing that what you say is not […]

  • Develop a Communication Strategy for Branding

    Gaining awareness for your products and services is one of the first steps in the sales process. To promote your brand, it is essential to develop a strong communication strategy. In this issue of Executive Edge, we look at how to develop a communication strategy that will effectively build your brand. Topics include embrace social marketing, […]

  • How to Communicate With Authority

    This issue of Executive Edge offers ways to convey power in how you talk, appear and act in interactions of all kinds. Learn how to get your message across and achieve the buy-in you seek. Your ability to communicate with power visually, intellectually, emotionally and verbally can be a critical component to how successful you […]

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