Your Next Big Thing

Creating Successful Business Ideas from Scratch
By Matthew Mockridge
About the summary

You may think that you lack creativity, are unable to learn, or are incapable of getting good ideas. In Your Next Big Thing: Creating Successful Business Ideas from Scratch, author Matthew Mockridge offers tools and proven methods that will allow you to produce groundbreaking ideas and summon unexpected accomplishments – ones that may change your life forever.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • What features must be present for an idea to be a “next big thing.”
  • How to think about creativity in a way that leads to scalable business ideas.
  • Practical idea-generating tools that you can implement immediately.
  • How to evaluate your ideas to see if you should pursue them or not.
  • Practices that should be incorporated into your daily life to increase your ability to realize your big idea.
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