Master of Change

How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You
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Change is an inevitable part of life. Everybody experiences it constantly, and according to Brad Stulberg, the trick to living purposefully and productively with change is to accept it and to learn to adapt according to it. At the outset of his book, Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You, Stulberg discusses the different attitudes towards change that homeostasis and allostasis present us with. With homeostasis, the belief is that when an organism is presented with change, it will do all that it can to return to its original state. In life, however, Stulberg does not believe this is always either possible or practical. Instead, he relies on the notion of allostasis. Allostasis states that when presented with change, an organism will confront the challenge and change because of it, arriving at a new normal. He describes this pattern as being one of “order, disorder, reorder” rather than the homeostatic process of “order, disorder, order”. Stulberg attempts to help his reader proceed through this process of allostasis in a manner that allows them to flourish despite the myriad of changes that life confronts every person with.

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