About the Summary

When we encounter a seemingly intractable problem in some domain of our life and try to change, we can find ourselves at a loss. What makes us stuck, why can’t we change, and should we even keep trying? The battle for self-change is often grueling and painful, and we may want to give up, but giving up the struggle feels like abandoning the person we could become: our possible self. In The Possible Self: A Leader’s Guide to Personal Development, author, personality psychologist, and adult development expert Maja Djikic calls on us to not give up, helping us transform with knowledge and techniques that we can use to get unstuck and create a lasting change in our lives.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • The five parts that make up the Wheel of Self.
  • How to connect to our core wants to develop.
  • Why changing behavior alone does not lead to lasting change.
  • The three minds that work together to change frozen constructs.
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