The Point

How to Win with Clarity-Fueled Communications
# 10min reading time / 30min listening time
About the Summary

The book The Point: How to Win with Clarity-Fueled Communications introduces us to the practice of clarity-fueled communication – where the greatest impact comes from using the fewest possible words. The pages ahead supply you with the tools, insights, and lessons to create brain-friendly messages that truly capture the attention of your audience. Author Steve Woodruff starts by tackling the greatest communication challenges in our world today. He then helps us build the Clarity Fuel Formula to overcome these challenges and “get to the point.” Finally, he lays out value-packed clarity best practices to achieve communication success in every area – From emails and presentations to purpose statements and branding to social media and networking.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to package information in a brain-friendly way.
  • How to create your own Clarity Fuel Formula.
  • How to use clarity tools to get the message across loud and clear.
  • How to apply clarity best practices in all areas of communication.
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