The Coach’s Way

The Art and Practice of Powerful Coaching in Any Field
# 10min reading time / 16min listening time
About the Summary

The “way” in Taoism has to do with ease, spontaneity, and connection, that there is an eternal, nameless, indescribable, but nevertheless authentic path that each of us can walk. It is a path that coachees choose to walk together with their coaches, which is an honor and responsibility that coaches do not take lightly. This is what Eric Maisel has achieved with The Coach’s Way: The Art and Practice of Powerful Coaching in Any Field. This book is for everyone committed to improving their lives through improved communication skills. The Coach’s Way will no doubt speak to everyone in a helping relationship: parents, mental health counselors, human resources specialists, teachers, tutors, mentors, spouses. Who doesn’t need to help someone sometimes?

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • The essence of what it means to coach someone professionally.
  • How to hold space for a coachee.
  • How to improve your life through improved communication skills.
  • How a coaching session can be a magical and highly useful conversation.
  • How to form a good helping relationship.
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