Speaking as a Leader

How to Lead Every Time You Speak - From Boardrooms to Meeting Rooms, From Town Halls to Phone Calls
About the Summary

Whether it’s among colleagues at lunch or an audience of a thousand, a leader’s role is to move and inspire others. It’s not only the big occasions that test a leader’s mettle, but the little ones as well — in a casual conversation in the elevator, in phone calls, or one of many incidental, seemingly "insignificant" interactions in everyday work life. Written by one of the world’s leading communications coaches, Speaking as a Leader shows you how to make the most of your daily communications, creating a presence on the job as a genuine and constant leader.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • How to think like a leader.
  • How to script yourself as a leader.
  • How to use the language of leadership.
  • How to achieve a leader’s presence.
  • How to move others — engage them and inspire them to action.
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