Purpose Driven People

Creating Business Agility and Sustainable Growth
By Alize Hofmeester
About the Summary

Many companies fail to treat their purpose like something that can be designed, but carefully designing your company’s purpose will come to define everything that matters most about your organization – including financial success. Meanwhile, communication and leadership are essential at every level of your organization. Otherwise, employees become disengaged, leaders fail to lead, and your organization lacks direction and focus. This adds up to an organization that’s anything but agile. In Purpose Driven People we learn that, in order to achieve that true agility, you must first identify the constraints standing in the way of your organization – even if those constraints are your own biases, weaknesses, or hangups.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • How focusing on purpose helps companies create sustainable growth.
  • Why addressing barriers in the way of agility is essential to help your business reach its potential.
  • How turning managers into role models can transform your company for the better.
  • Why tools and systems should always be seen as means to an end, rather than the end itself.
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