7 Ways to Lead

Evolve Professionally and Personally; Enhancing Your Leadership and Work / Life Harmony
By Andre Young
About the summary

Whether you are in a professional position of leadership or a leader of your own life, 7 Ways to Lead shares common sense and easy to use insight to enhance your personal leadership and effective leadership skills. Author Andre Young presents leadership as two-fold. First, show up in your career, in your life, and in your relationships in a way that makes people want to follow you. Then add excellent leadership skills—the ability to Influence, Protect, Impact, Build, and Decide.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • A leader must self-engage a positive mindset.
  • Gratitude affects both the leader and those who follow.
  • A leader’s measured and genuine confidence is contagious.
  • Awareness of self and others creates a healthy environment.
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