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    The Invisible Spotlight

    The Invisible Spotlight

    The Invisible Spotlight

    Why Managers Can't Hide

    by Craig Wasserman & Doug Katz

    Based on four decades of experience as management consultants, Wasserman and Katz make a compelling argument that all managers work in the heat of an invisible spotlight where their every word and deed are scrutinized by employees. Remarkably, most employees are unaware of this reality. The authors tell illuminating stories from the trenches about management successes and misadventures that offer a fresh, practical perspective on building sound management relationships.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of The Invisible Spotlight, you will learn:

    • Why the management role does not come naturally.
    • How instincts and reflexes alone can be as self-defeating as they are useful.
    • How management requires practice, discipline and self-reflection.
    • How managers are architects of the relationships they form with their employees.
    • How people don't change when they're comfortable; they change when they're uncomfortable.
    • Why no paint-by-numbers approach to managing will protect managers from missteps.
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