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    The Complexity Crisis

    The Complexity Crisis

    The Complexity Crisis

    Why Too Many Products, Markets, and Customers are Crippling Your Company - And What To Do About It

    by John Mariotti

    Executives today face a crisis — a crisis of complexity. As you seek to expand profits, a number of new products, procedures and systems are created that, unexpectedly, stifle your bottom line. To this problem, Mariotti has the solution: simplify. In this far-reaching study, he shows corporate America that “keep it simple” is the way out of the Complexity Crisis.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why complexity can be the kiss of death.
    • How to measure the overall complexity of your company.
    • How to detect needless complexity in different areas of your business.
    • How several major companies have rooted out and eliminated complexity.
    • How several major companies have used complexity to their advantage.
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