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    The Art of Stress-Free Living

    The Art of Stress-Free Living

    The Art of Stress-Free Living

    Reprogram Your Life From the Inside Out

    by Brian P. Ramos

    Our fast-paced lives often leave us feeling stressed, frazzled and out of control. Chronic exposure to stress alters our bodies and brains, ingraining unhealthy responses as primitive parts of our brains grow stronger. Luckily these effects can be reversed, and we can learn to reduce our response to stress. In The Art of Stress-Free Living, neurobiologist Dr. Brian Ramos offers to help us regain our sense of efficacy and joy in our lives.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • How stress alters our brains and bodies.
    • To heal your temple through diet and mindful eating.
    • About neutralizing stress and learning coping strategies.
    • How to tap into your inner strength for self-healing.
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