Knowledge Mindfulness

The Interconnections That Help Leaders Transform Their Business and Life
# 10min reading time / 16min listening time
About the Summary

The world of business is rapidly transforming. Now more than ever, leaders must understand the true potential of knowledge and how it’s directly linked to long-term success. The book Knowledge Mindfulness: The Interconnections that Help Leaders Transform Their Business and Life revolutionizes a leader’s approach to knowledge. It paints a comprehensive, yet colorful picture of concepts such as holistic knowledge management, the emergent power of knowledge, using knowledge to reshape organizational culture, and cultivating mindful leadership. Author Laila Marouf extracts valuable insights from psychology, social sciences, business, and neuroscience to craft a well-rounded roadmap for leaders to expand their knowledge and their organizations to higher levels of resilience, innovation, and success.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to understand knowledge, yourself, and the external world.
  • How to embark on the path to knowledge maturity.
  • To create yet renew, connect yet disconnect, capitalize yet keep acting.
  • How to achieve Knowledge Mindfulness.
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