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    Generating Buy-In

    Generating Buy-In

    Generating Buy-In

    Mastering the Language of Leadership

    by Mark Walton

    A former senior correspondent and anchorman at CNN, Mark Walton draws on his rich communications background to help leaders master the language of leadership with Generating Buy-In. Walton describes “buy-in” as getting understanding, commitment and action from others in support of a person, idea, proposal, product, service or organization. He explains that buy-in is the essential emotional ingredient needed for any collaborative effort to be successful. Generating Buy-In shows leaders how they can get buy-in by recognizing situations that call for renewed commitment from others, creating strategic stories that generate enthusiasm, and calling for action to get the job done.

    What You'll Learn

    • The human mind thinks in stories. Telling strategically created stories that project a positive outcome is essential for generating buy-in.
    • Capture people's emotions, not just their intellects. Stories that cause an emotional response in others help get buy-in. Simply providing heaps of information won't do the trick.
    • Follow the rules when creating persuasive stories. Go step-by-step as you determine your objective, establish your story line, target your audience's agenda, and call your audience to action.
    • Follow the Rule of Threes. "When people ask me about this company, I tell them three things," says Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. The mind retains information best when it's presented in a group of three.
    • Use real-life examples. Vivid, authentic examples influence decision-making more than abstract information, and are more helpful in generating buy-in.
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