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    Embracing Excellence

    Embracing Excellence

    Embracing Excellence

    Become an Employer of Choice to Attract and Keep the Best Talent

    by Franklin Ashby & Arthur Pell

    Companies need “A” players to outperform the competition. To attract and keep top-level performers in a highly competitive economy, companies must learn to create corporate cultures that attract and retain “A” players. Embracing Excellence explains how organizations can attract “A” players by building an environment that is committed to values, vision, creativity, trust and respect.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why corporate culture is the key to employee retention. Workers won't stay if your culture is one of domination, autocracy and inflexibility.
    • What qualities define a great corporate culture. People want to work for companies with fair compensation systems, that encourage and appreciate quality work, and that value growth and development.
    • How to find, recruit and hire great people. Whether hiring from the outside or promoting from within, the key is to match people with jobs that suit their training, experience and personality.
    • Why pay is only part of the equation. Studies show pay, if satisfactory, is low on the list of reasons people look for other jobs.
    • How to get new employees onboard successfully. New workers need to be mentored, oriented and trained early on.
    • Why good people leave and how you can stop them. Integrate "A" players into the culture and look for clues to dissatisfaction, and you can often prevent defection.
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