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    Brand Hijack

    Brand Hijack

    Brand Hijack

    Marketing Without Marketing

    by Alex Wipperfurth

    In Brand Hijack, marketing consultant Alex Wipperfürth offers a practical how-to guide to marketing that finally engages the marketplace. It presents an alternative to conventional marketing wisdom, one that addresses familiar industry crises such as media saturation, consumer evolution and the erosion of image marketing. The purpose of Brand Hijack is to demystify the modern brand and make the next generation of marketing both practical and actionable. Brand hijacking relies on a radical concept — letting go.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to make brand successes appear like serendipitous accidents.
    • How to let go of the fallacy that your brand belongs to you and not to the market.
    • How to co-create your brand by collaborating with your consumers.
    • How to facilitate your most influential and passionate consumers to translate your brand's message to a broader audience.
    • How to inspire true customer loyalty, not just customer retention.
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