Soundview Live

The Power of Constructive Conflict

Date: Thursday, October 19th - 1PM ET
Speaker: Jeff DeGraff
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Innovation happens when we bring people with contrasting perspectives and complementary areas of expertise together in one room. We innovate best with people who challenge us, not people who agree with us. 

In this Soundview Live webinar, Jeff DeGraff, dubbed the “Dean of Innovation,” introduces a simple framework to explain the ways different kinds of thinkers and leaders can create constructive conflict in any organization. DeGraff offers a rigorous but highly accessible guide for achieving breakthrough solutions by utilizing the full—and seemingly contradictory—spectrum of innovative thinking.

You Will Learn:

  • The four steps to normalize conflict and channel it to develop something completely new
  • How to harness the creative energy that arises from opposing viewpoints
  • Breakthrough innovations that are good for both you and your customers

About the Speaker:

Jeff DeGraff’s life reads like an innovation playbook. The pages are speckled with failures followed by great successes all because of the mantra adopted at an early age from icon Walt Disney: “Keep moving forward.” Jeff’s creative and direct take on making innovation really happen has made him a world-renowned thought leader and has prompted his clients and colleagues to dub him as The Dean of Innovation.

Jeff has advised many of the world’s leading corporations, using the Competing Values Framework that he co-created, on how to grow, change and ultimately move forward to see positive results.
His talent for breaking down the steps needed to innovate effectively also prompted him to write a slew of successful books on innovation including, Creativity at Work, Leading Innovation, Innovation You: Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved, and The Enlivened Self: The Art of Growing.

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