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The Best Place to Work

The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

The Best Place to Work
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In The Best Place to Work, award-winning psychologist Ron Friedman, Ph.D. draws from the latest research on motivation, creativity, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and management to reveal what really makes us successful at work. Combining powerful stories with cutting edge findings, Dr. Friedman shows leaders at every level how they can use scientifically-proven techniques to promote smarter thinking, greater innovation, and stronger performance. The Best Place to Work offers game-changing advice for working smarter and turning any organization, regardless of its size, budgets or ambitions, into an extraordinary workplace.

  • Why successful teams make more mistakes than other teams.
  • How the design of our workplace impacts our performance.
  • Six insights to delay the adaptation that erodes happiness.
  • Why the best managers focus on themselves.
  • How to provide daily opportunities for autonomy, competence and relatedness.
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