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The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace

Deadly workplace violence may grab headlines, but in this Soundview Live webinar, The Costs of Emotions in the Workplace, Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell cautions C-Suite Executives and Line Managers that ignoring the impact of employee emotions in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Mitchell’s important work in the rising field of Emotional Continuity Management (ECM) clearly outlines how emotionally-charged situations, when mismanaged or unaddressed, can have a calculable, direct impact on the fiscal bottom line. She also offers clear steps for a company to take to train all employees for dealing with emotions in an appropriate and effective way.

About the Speaker
Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell

Vali J. Hawkins Mitchell, Ph.D., LMHC, REAT, holds a Doctorate in Health Education and Masters degrees in Applied Psychology and Expressive Art Therapy is a highly regarded public speaker and trainer, author, consultant and educator.

A valued mentor and keynote speaker she offers critical insights on the real human factors of disaster and emergency planning based on her experiences with major events such as the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, Samoan earthquakes, Indonesian tsunami, and Pacific Northwest Wildfires. She is considered by many as the leading authority in the growing field of Emotional Continuity Management.

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