In this Soundview Live webinar, How Great Leaders Grow Through Adversity, Steven Snyder shatters leadership myths to reveal a new understanding of  how exceptional leaders grow from adversity. He synthesizes his discovery into an accessible, practical set of strategies to understand leadership tensions, boost performance, and increase leadership capabilities, and paints a realistic portrait of how great leaders navigate intense challenges for personal growth and organizational success. Steven Synder is the author of Leadership and the Art of Struggle.

About the Speaker
Steven Snyder

Steven Snyder, Ph.D., founder of Twin Cities-based Snyder Leadership Group, established his organizational consulting firm to provide a resource for organizations and their executives to advance their leadership capabilities and achieve greater success.

An innovator in thought leadership, Snyder has developed the breakthrough concepts introduced in Leadership and the Art of Struggle, based on years of leadership studies, intensive research, and data derived from extensive interviews with real-world executives from major corporations. His advancements in the practice of leadership also derive from his own leadership experiences as an early leader at Microsoft where he worked closely with Bill Gates, as well as his experience as a CEO of a publicly held company.

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