The Diary of a CEO

The 33 Laws of Business and Life
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In The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life, Steven Bartlett sets out to do exactly what his title suggests: promote and expand upon 33 laws he has discerned and observed that can make anyone more successful in all areas of their life, be it personal or professional. As Bartlett explains, he has “been the CEO, founder, co-founder or board member of four industry-leading companies that collectively – at their peaks – reached a cumulative valuation of more than $1 billion.” He uses this experience to help improve the lives of his readers. He separates these laws into four key pillars: The Self, The Story, The Philosophy, and The Team, and uses numerous anecdotes as well as data to defend these laws and to prove their efficacy. While all thirty-three laws are of value and build, in part, upon each other, below are ten laws that encapsulate some of the best he has to offer his readers.

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