Motivate This!

How to Start Each Day With an Unstoppable Attitude
By Steve Rizzo
About the Summary

In Motivate This!: How to Start Each Day With an Unstoppable Attitude, comedian turned motivational speaker and author, Steve Rizzo asks you to embrace the simple message that attitude is, in fact, everything. If you can do that, you will discover increased productivity, greater enthusiasm, new levels of success, and a higher degree of happiness.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • How your thoughts have a direct impact on your life experiences.
  • Why enjoyment makes you more creative, productive, and resilient.
  • How to nourish your soul to get a boost of optimism and stay motivated.
  • How to bring balance into your life by honoring your cherished values. 
  • Seven Common-Sense Success Strategies will enable you to start each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed.
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