Happiness Rules

Beat Burnout, Embrace Happiness, and Become a Better Entrepreneur
# 10min reading time / 12min listening time
About the Summary

Dr. Manuel Astruc wrote Happiness Rules: Beat Burnout, Embrace Happiness, and Become a Better Entrepreneur as a solution to the problem of entrepreneurial burnout. In Happiness Rules, he offers practices developed using his knowledge of the mind and our motivations as humans—all gathered from his decades of work as a psychiatrist. And these rules aren’t hypothetical; Manuel has used them himself to escape from the deepest reaches of burnout. Happiness Rules teaches readers how to make happiness the engine to success—rather than the outcome—leading to more personal fulfillment as well as being more productive, energetic, and engaged at home and at work.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How burnout causes intense disruption to your life and work.
  • How to take small, positive steps toward a healthier, more optimistic, and happier life.
  • How to maintain a consistent, healthier state of mind no matter what issues you’re facing.
  • Tools to help alleviate burnout.
  • How to restart that engine that has driven you to success and maintain it in a way that is healthier for you, your business, and those you care about.
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