The Phoenix Encounter Method

Lead Like Your Business Is on Fire!
By Sameer Hasija, Ian C. Woodward, Ram Charan, V. Padmanabhan
# 15min reading time / 22min listening time
About the Summary

Written with a sense of urgency and purposefully radical provocation, The Phoenix Encounter Method presents a methodology based on extensive research and field testing. Whatever your sector or industry, if you’re responsible for your organization’s ability to use change as a transformative opportunity, you’ll appreciate the dramatic impact The Phoenix Encounter Method will have on you, your leadership, and your organization.

In This Summary You’ll Learn:

  • Why the phoenix represents what leaders must become to survive.
  • The three phases of the Phoenix Encounter method.
  • To adopt the Phoenix Attitude and use Extra Strategic Perception.
  • To lead as both a Dreamer and a Doer.
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