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    You vs You

    You vs You

    You vs You

    12 Ways to Kick Your Own Ass and Win

    by Todd Cahill

    In You vs You, author Todd Cahill highlights important battles that keep us from success. From his experience as a life and leadership coach, Todd explains how to isolate the specific battles we all face and then sheds light on how we can practically overcome them. Overcoming them doesn’t mean becoming invincible; it means having the wherewithal to kick our own ass when needed. You vs You shows you how to face these battles, and it allows you to make conscious choices not to let your battles defeat you.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • To isolate the issues that hinder your success.
    • That redefining the battles provides motivation to win.
    • Daily choices may be small, but drive the outcome.
    • Your future success starts with today’s choices.
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