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    Who's Got Your Back

    Who's Got Your Back

    Who's Got Your Back

    The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success –– and Won’t Let You Fail

    by Keith Ferrazzi

    Keith Ferrazzi, the internationally renowned thought leader, consultant, and bestselling author of Never Eat Alone, shows us in Who's Got Your Back that becoming a winner in any field or endeavor requires a trusted team of advisors who can offer guidance and help to hold us accountable to achieving our goals. Disregard the myth of the lone professional “superman.” The real path to success in your work and in your life is through creating an inner circle of “lifeline relationships.”

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Who's Got Your Back, you will learn:

    • How to master the mind-sets that will help you to build deeper, more trusting “lifeline relationships.”
    • How to get further faster by setting goals in a dramatic more powerful way.
    • Why using “sparring” as a productive tool to make decisions will fuel personal success.
    • How to replace the “yes men” in your life with those who get it and care –– and will hold you accountable to achieving your goals.
    • Why you should lower your guard and let others help.
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