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    The Soul of the Corporation

    The Soul of the Corporation

    The Soul of the Corporation

    How to Manage the Identity of Your Company

    by John Kimberly & Hamid Bouchikhi

    Drawing on real-life stories from the world’s most prominent companies, The Soul of the Corporation shows how identity can be an extraordinarily valuable asset — and how, if not managed properly, it can become a huge liability. Discover how your firm’s identity is related to — and different from — its organizational culture, brand positioning and reputation. Learn how to manage the unconscious shared beliefs that give your organization coherence.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to master your company's "I*Dimension" using new tools for transforming identity into competitive advantage.
    • Ways to manage the contradictory tensions that shape your company's identity.
    • How masters of the I*Dimension are able to leverage their understanding of their company in order to achieve outstanding results.
    • How to deal with narcissism, conflict, drift and fragmentation.
    • How to protect what's precious to your company and change what needs to change.
    • How to manage your company's identity through mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, alliances and change.
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