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    The Brain Advantage

    The Brain Advantage

    The Brain Advantage

    Become a More Effective Business Leader Using the Latest Brain Research

    by Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa P. Callahan, Brad Kolar & Ken A. Paller

    The Brain Advantage ties the latest brain research to its implications for leadership styles and practices. The authors consolidate research from a wide range of studies, articles and books that delves into the neurocognitive underpinnings of how people think and act, leading to provocative insights into the human condition. The Brain Advantage draws on key research findings and analysis that can help you become a more effective decision-maker, communicator and change agent.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of The Brain Advantage, you will learn:

    • Why leaders should see themselves as facilitators of innovative people
    • Why "smarter" brains don't have to work as hard
    • Why being an authentic leader does not mean revealing every random thought
    • How leaders hone their intuitions by reflecting on and analyzing their past experiences
    • How low levels of stress may make us more resistant to tough challenges
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