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    The Art of Selling Your Business

    The Art of Selling Your Business

    The Art of Selling Your Business

    Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top

    by John Warrillow

    There is an art to selling a business well. It comes down to how you package it, the story an owner tells about it, and the feeling it gives potential buyers. The Art of Selling Your Business is designed to be a playbook for navigating both the hard rules and the softer edges of selling businesses. The art of selling is not only about the nuances but develops a set of instructions to follow at each step of the process and describes the professionals you’ll need to lean on to get a deal done.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • How to identify clearly why you are selling your business and the best time to do so.
    • Ways to position your company to be ready for buyers.
    • Who you need on your side as part of the negotiation process.
    • When to tell your employees that you are selling your business.
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