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    Solving the People Problem

    Solving the People Problem

    Solving the People Problem

    Essential Skills You Need to Lead and Succeed in Today’s Workplace

    by Brett M. Cooper & Evans Kerrigan

    In Solving the People Problem, Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan capture well the complexity of work relationships today. The heart of the problem they describe is that the modern work environment is in desperate need of emotional intelligence. The authors promise that by using the information and direction in this book, you will become more aware of your own personality preferences and be able to adapt your approach to communicate more effectively with others, allowing you to create the high-quality, efficient, positive work environment your team and organization want and need.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • The basics of DISC-EQ to discover your emotional intelligence and
    • personality style.
    • Strengths and weaknesses in how you work and relate to others on your team.
    • How to take concrete steps toward healthy conflict in the workplace.
    • How to incorporate the 5 key practices of a healthy team into your workplace.

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