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    No Substitute for Victory

    No Substitute for Victory

    No Substitute for Victory

    Lessons in Strategy and Leadership from General Douglas MacArthur

    by Donna Kinni & Theodore Kinni

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s extraordinary life of leadership spanned more than six decades in the military, education, public administration and business sectors. In No Substitute for Victory, business writers Theodore Kinni and Donna Kinni distill powerful leadership lessons from MacArthur’s life and career — lessons you can use, no matter where you lead and what you intend to accomplish. Their book reveals what MacArthur knew about setting the right goals; building sleek, fast-response organizations; inspiring subordinates to unprecedented performance; focusing relentlessly on results; and winning.

    What You'll Learn

    • Utilize the lessons of Inchon. Discover how MacArthur conceived and executed the famous amphibious invasion that is still studied by strategists.
    • Define victory and pursue it relentlessly. Learn how MacArthur's relentless focus on the right goals drove a lifetime of achievement.
    • Use all your weapons - especially speed and surprise. See how MacArthur was able to emerge victorious even when he had far fewer resources than the enemy.
    • Become an inspirational leader. Find out how MacArthur used visibility, image and behavior to motivate and inspire his followers.
    • Capture the power of language and personal resolve. Learn how MacArthur used three words "I shall return" to turn the course of the war in the Pacific.
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